Three easy steps for straighter teeth and a confident smile with Invisalign®

Dr. Sanjay Dhir and Dhir Dentistry in San Diego, California, are proud to provide a blend of authentic, relationship-based care and advanced dental technologies and treatments. Invisalign® represents a high-tech way to straighten teeth and correct bite problems comfortably, precisely, and efficiently without braces.

The basics 

Braces use stainless steel brackets, wires, and specialized rings or bands to place pressure on the teeth and incrementally reposition them. The braces are “fixed.” So, they can only be removed or adjusted by your dentist or orthodontist. Invisalign® is different. First introduced in the late 1990s, this treatment uses a series of removable aligner trays or oral appliances to place consistent force on the teeth, gradually moving them into proper alignment. The trays are made from smooth, transparent BPA-free plastic. Patients appreciate that they can be:

  • Removed for comfortable eating and easy brushing and flossing. 
  • Are not visible in the smile because the plastic is clear or see-through.
  • Do not poke up against the inside of the mouth. 
  • Require little to no adjustment period. 
  • Effectively correct a wide range of alignment and bite problems.

The process 

Our patients also like that we can show them exactly how their Invisalign®-treated teeth will look post-treatment during their initial consultation, thanks to the beauty of advanced software. Using proprietary software, we can create a 3-Dimensional model of your mouth. This model aids in educating the patient about treatment and allows you to see exactly how your teeth will look like treatment progresses. Think of it as a form of “try before you buy.” 

From this model, your aligners will be fabricated. You slip the aligner trays in your mouth, like a retainer or whitening tray. Only remove the trays for eating meals and cleaning your teeth. After around two weeks, you will wear a different aligner tray. Each tray corresponds with a further step in treatment. So, you must wear the trays in the correct order. The total number of trays, and in turn, total treatment time, depends on the type of misalignment that we are correcting and the severity of the condition. Generally, 20 to 29 sets are needed to complete treatment successfully. 

You will visit Dr. Dhir as instructed. He will check to see how the treatment is coming along and assure everything is progressing as it should be. We can also provide suggestions and recommendations for caring for your aligners properly. All in all, Invisalign® is a coveted, stress-free, no-hassle way to get a smile that you can be proud of! Plus, evenly spaced teeth are easier to clean, which makes Invisalign® a great way to keep your mouth healthy. 

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