With sinus augmentation, bone loss doesn’t stand in the way of treatment with dental implants

Dental implants are considered to be the “standard” in the replacement of irreparably damaged teeth. Replacing teeth with dental implants also has a very high success rate (exceeding 90%). However, the success of such treatment depends on the precise placement of the implant. Late implant failures, as they are called, often arise due to inadequate oral hygiene. By partnering with the practice of Sanjay Dhir, DDS in San Diego, California, we support the long-term health and functionality of your implant-retained teeth. We do so with precise planning and sophisticated services, such as sinus augmentation, ongoing hygiene visits, and guidance on home care.

What is sinus augmentation? 

Also known as the “sinus lift,” sinus augmentation is a procedure that may be recommended to patients who have inadequate bone tissue to sufficiently support their replacement teeth. By offering these advanced capabilities on-site, Dr. Dhir can lift barriers to getting natural, durable, aesthetic, and functional replacement teeth. Bone loss can present a challenge to patients who desire dental implants. During a process known as bone resorption, individuals who lack teeth begin to lose supportive tissue in the jaw. The jawbone requires stimulation from behaviors such as chewing and biting to retain its density and height. When teeth are lost, the bone effectively shrinks. As the bone that provides structure and support to the face is lost, overlying skin sags. The lower portion of the face also collapses. These changes can prematurely age your face. They also give rise to, or worsen, problems with eating food and clear speech. 

In consultation with you, Dr. Dhir may determine that your jaw has sustained bone loss. Procedures may be required before placing the implants. Such preparation includes treatment like a bone lift or augmentation. It is specifically indicated for patients with bone loss in the upper jaw (or sinus area) near the back teeth. The bone between the back teeth or molars and sinus cavities is limited and can deteriorate due to bone

resorption. By lifting the sinus membrane and augmenting the bony tissue, we add height and width. So, the implants can adequately support your new teeth – crowns, bridges, and dentures. 

The treatment process

Bone near the sinus cavity may be “augmented” by generally using two techniques: 

  • Lateral lift – The gummy tissue near the sinuses is opened, and synthetic or natural tissue material is placed under the sinus membrane. The treatment site is closed, and the implant will be placed immediately or after the bone has grown for a few months. We will discuss options to regenerate tissue during a consultation.
  • Crestal augmentation – A bone-like material is placed under the membrane before implants are inserted and through a precision incision. This technique may be preferred for those patients who lack the bone height necessary to retain the implant optimally. 

Implant-supported teeth may still be in your future. We are happy to discuss options to rebuild your teeth and restore a stunning, confident smile during a consultation. Call us at (858) 358-5801 to schedule your visit today.