Elevate your dental home care when you can’t be at our dental office

At Dhir Dentistry in San Diego, California, we truly celebrate our  “family” of patients. By that, our team, led by Dr. Sanjay Dhir, is like a “family.” And, since we get to know our patients so well, they become like extended family to our dental team. So, it is a “must” that we empower our patient-family with the information they can trust to care for their mouths at home. Here, we’ve provided just a few of the ways that you can keep your smile looking and feeling great in between dental check-ups at our practice. 

Brush consistently and thoroughly 

The oral cavity (mouth) naturally contains bacteria. Harmful bacteria thrive under certain conditions, such as when food debris linger. Sugars and starches in foods combine with bacteria to produce acids that inflame the gums and erode the teeth. Oral bacteria can even spread to other organs and parts of the body via the bloodstream. Minding how you brush promotes a healthy smile and systemic health. We encourage you to use a soft-bristle brush and fluoride toothpaste at least two times each day. Carefully clean all sides of each tooth and other surfaces that harbor germs (such as the gums and tongue). Replace the toothbrush or the brush head (on an electric-/battery-powered toothbrush) every three or four months.

Floss, daily and diligently

Did you know that if you only brush your teeth, you miss more than a third of each tooth? That represents a considerable surface area untouched and allows disease-causing food and plaque to be left behind. Integrate flossing into your oral hygiene habit. Use at least 18 inches of floss each time. In this manner, one part of the floss isn’t being “recycled” or reused. When you do that, you simply relocate bacteria from one tooth to another or part of your mouth. If you have hard-to-clean spaces or are otherwise challenged to floss, Dr. Dhir and our team are happy to recommend floss threaders or interdental brushes to keep every part of your mouth in top shape. 

Additionally, we may recommend rinses to use when you can’t brush while on the go. It is also a good practice to rinse when sipping on drinks, as you don’t want the sugars in many drinks to bathe your teeth for a prolonged period. Since nutrition and lifestyle habits play an essential role in your oral health, we are here to reduce your risk of developing traumatic conditions with dietary or other behavioral suggestions. Call us today at (858) 358-5801 to schedule your consultation with Dr. Dhir.