Dhir Dentistry helps patients in overcoming their dental anxiety and fear

Dental anxiety and fear are common. There is no silver bullet when it comes to helping patients in overcoming their apprehension. Dr. Sanjay Dhir and his team at Dhir Dentistry in San Diego, California, use several different approaches, techniques, technologies, and products to ensure your utmost comfort and a pleasant and inviting experience at our practice. 

Fighting the “source” of dental fear

There are several “triggers” for anxiety at the dental practice. Many of these fears are rooted in negative experiences at the dentist’s office in early childhood. The sound of the drill, the sight of a needle, clinical smells, and the sensation and pressure of dental or rotary instruments can all be triggering for patients. We appreciate this and have invested in several microsurgical techniques and gentle tools that support conservative, non-invasive, and light-touch dentistry. Just a few of the ways that we have helped patients to overcome their fears, so they see us regularly for the visits they need to be healthy, include: 

  • Warm, non-judgmental care – At Dhir Dentistry, we perceive both each other (our fellow team members) and our patients as an “extended family.” That is an inviting approach that you can feel the moment you walk through the door. We communicate honestly and in a friendly manner that puts those extended family members at ease. You should never feel embarrassed about the look of your smile or scared if it’s been a while since you last visited the dentist. We know it is a significant victory for apprehensive patients to visit us in the first place. And we treat you as the unique individual you are, and with approaches and solutions that cater to your one-of-a-kind needs and concerns. An open and trusting relationship goes far; patients are frank about what they fear, and we can then create a plan to fight those fears. 
  • Conservative, “non-scary” treatments — Several procedures are considered “standard” to a dental practice, such as root canal therapy with dental crowns and scaling and root planing to deep clean tooth roots by scraping them. We offer comfortable procedures without lingering side effects and risks and, accordingly, little to nothing to recover from. For instance, many commonplace dental treatments can be completed by using dental laser devices. These devices don’t even touch the gums, tooth structure, or surrounding tissues. They have the added benefit of precisely treating damaged tissues. So, a maximum amount of healthy tissue is preserved. The less natural tooth or gums that we can alter, the better the result as fast healing is promoted.
  • Get to know today’s pain management and relaxation “helpers” – If you are an “experienced” adult whose fear stems from a negative experience as a child, it may be time to update your perception of dentistry. Much has changed in five years, let alone in 10, 15, or 20 years. And at Dhir Dentistry, we have invested in only the most proven effective and safe technologies and medical products. Our anesthetic options are precise and comfortable, with minimal lingering numbness following pain-free treatment. Additionally, we have sedative methods that are tailored to your needs. Sedation is safe and predictable and takes the edge off treatment while still allowing you to remain in control and awake during treatment.

Call us without delay at (858) 358-5801 to schedule your appointment. The sooner you contact us, the faster we can put your concerns to rest and get you into a healthy pattern.