Consistency and technique on brushing and flossing properly matters

At Dhir Dentistry in San Diego, California, we are privileged to be your “oral home” and a trusted member of your extended family. At least, that’s how we consider our patients and the dental team—as such, developing close relationships with our patients is important to us. We equip you with credible, personalized recommendations, services, and products. So, while we can’t be with you whenever you brush or floss, you are empowered with the information to maintain a healthy smile, body, and wellbeing – since oral health plays such a critical role in systemic health and quality of life. 

How to properly brush and floss 

Excellent home care is, first and foremost, built on a foundation of consistent brushing and flossing and proper technique. We encourage you to incorporate the following habits into your daily routine or consider them more often when you brush and floss. So, that way, these habits become like second nature.

  • Did you know that plaque hardens every 24 to 48 hours? When bacterial plaque becomes hardened calculus or tartar, only professionals like our registered dental hygienists can remove it. It’s usually advised that you brush at least two times each day. Floss daily. Brushing alone only removes germs from around two-thirds of the surface of the tooth. So, it’s important to “catch” what is left behind by the brush with floss. 
  • Don’t rush it. It’s typically advised to brush for at least two minutes every time. Be sure to pass over the outer, inner, and chewing surfaces. Use this same diligence with your floss. Take care to floss both sides of each tooth and behind and around the back teeth (molars). If you have 28 teeth (and only your wisdom teeth have been removed), you will also floss for two minutes. That means a total cleaning time of four minutes. 
  • Not all products are designed for every mouth. Ensure to choose a soft-bristled brush that is right-sized and shaped to your mouth. That way, you can adequately reach those back, grooved teeth that tend to trap food and bacteria. The right floss is vital because toothpicks and other hard, non-dentist-approved objects can damage or irritate the gums and other tissues. We may recommend super floss for orthodontic appliances or dental bridges, dental tape to clean between gaps, or flossers and picks, which are particularly handy for kids who struggle with long strands of floss. Also, use at least an 18-inch strand of floss. So, you aren’t accidentally reusing part of the strand.

Additionally, it doesn’t take significant force to clean well. Aggressive brushing or snapping of the floss can lead to more sensitivity, enamel erosion, and receding gums. For more tips (that are tailored perfectly to you), schedule an appointment at our practice. Call us at (858) 358-5801.

We look forward to getting to know you and your family!