We welcome patients with dental fear and worry! Rethink dentistry with relaxing sedation, gentle techniques

The practice of Sanjay Dhir, DDS, does not take it personally when patients admit, “I hate going to the dentist.” We appreciate that fears about dental services and treatments are often rooted in negative experiences in childhood at another dentist’s office. Or sometimes stories of “bad experiences” we imbibed from our parents, grandparents and friends. Fortunately, you have come to the right place in San Diego, California, to rethink your perception of dentistry.

Dr. Dhir and our team enjoy working with each other and with our patients, and it shows! Every aspect of how we partner with patients and our office amenities and the atmosphere is designed with your ultimate comfort in mind. Sedation, or safe and tailored relaxing medications, accompanies our commitment to ease anxious patients’ fears and apprehension with our gentle techniques and non-judgmental, warm, inviting, and friendly demeanor.

Calming options 

There is sure to be an appropriate method to help you relax in the treatment chair or to support the best experience should you have upcoming complex or lengthy visits on the horizon. For instance, we may recommend nitrous oxide analgesia. The term “analgesia” refers to the inability to sense or feel pain. Nitrous oxide, too, is most frequently referred to as “laughing gas.” This gas induces a sense of relaxation. Patients safely inhale the gas through a small nasal mask. As its effects take hold, formerly anxious individuals don’t have a care in the world. Since oxygen neutralizes the effects of this sedative method, there is no lingering drowsiness. It is a safe and appropriate option for patients of all ages, including children, and does not require patients to arrange transportation to and from our office. 

Depending on your needs, Dr. Dhir may recommend oral conscious sedation. He may use this option on its own or in combination with laughing gas. The “oral” part refers to how the relaxing medication is administered orally or in pill form by mouth. The specific type of medication that is prescribed depends on factors such as your medical history. Patients must take the pills as instructed by Dr. Dhir. The “conscious” part of this method refers to how patients generally remain awake throughout treatment. They can feel “in control” and still respond to commands and communicate with our team. However, they are completely relaxed and have little to no recollection of the “triggering” dental visit afterward. Additionally, vitals are monitored closely throughout treatment for peace of mind and ultimate safety. 

At Sanjay Dhir, DDS, your comfort and experience are our priority. Call (858) 358-5801 to schedule your visit at our office in San Diego, which proudly serves La Jolla, and communities in between.