Quality dentures, first-rate service support the long “life” of your healthy, beautiful smile

At Sanjay Dhir, DDS in San Diego, California, we are proud to have so many advanced capabilities under one roof. Our training in sophisticated treatments and precision technologies to support your care allow us to rebuild teeth that look, feel, and function like the “real deal.” For instance, we offer removable complete and partial dentures designed to replace several teeth or all your natural teeth. Since the satisfaction and comfort you derive from dentures depend on how well they fit, we are exacting in our approach to planning and designing your dentures. Precision-fit dentures conform to oral tissues. Teeth are stabilized, which facilitates healthy, lasting, efficient chewing, speech, and other functions. We also use the highest quality materials to replicate the natural appearance and structure of the teeth and gum tissue. 

Another nod to how we distinguish ourselves from other dentists in the area is represented by our ability to offer immediate dentures. Patients who are missing all their upper or lower teeth can benefit from this convenient option. They never have to be seen in public with gaps in their smile because we can place a temporary or provisional denture after the remaining teeth are extracted. As the temporary is worn, your tissues heal. You also have an opportunity to get accustomed to eating with and otherwise using dentures. After the swelling has subsided and tissues have fully healed, usually, in around four to six weeks, you will be fitted with the permanent denture. 

Our practice assures your dentures are solid and beautiful, like healthy, natural teeth. We also support the long-term health and satisfaction that you get from your new teeth in the following ways: 

  • Follow-ups may be needed to adjust your dentures. Do not try to do this at home! Inadvertently bending clasps or other attachments weakens the denture. Likewise, DIY “repair kits” can damage dentures for good. Plus, over-the-counter bonding agents can contain questionable chemicals. Trust our professional expertise for safe, precise, and proper adjustments and addressing specific discomfort and concerns. 
  • Build up your chewing and speech “confidence.” Select “forgiving” yet nutritious foods. Think – fresh, antioxidant-rich berries and steamed vegetables, or protein-packed yogurt and hummus. Work your way up to chewier or fibrous foods, such as apples and granola. We can also provide guidance on exercises to help you become accustomed to forming words with your dentures; for instance, singing phrases slowly can expedite the process. 
  • Mind your cleaning. Dentures must be cleaned daily, just like natural teeth. Without properly rinsing dentures to remove food particles and brushing or cleansing the denture, harmful bacteria and plaque can build up, and stains may mar the material. That can lead to halitosis, destructive decay to remaining teeth, additional tooth (and bone) loss, and gum disease. Take great care when brushing surfaces such as delicate clasps. Bacteria tend to collect there. Be sure to floss the remaining teeth well.
  • Soak dentures each night. Never wear them overnight. Both your natural gums and tissues, as well as the dentures, deserve a “rest.” Soak them in warm (not hot!) water. You may choose to use a specific denture cleanser. Certain cleaners may tarnish the metal depending on the type of clasps used to hold your denture in place. We can provide recommendations on the right products for you. 

And be sure to keep routine exams at our practice. Dr. Dhir checks that your dentures are in excellent working order. If repairs are necessary, as well as other adjustments, we can promptly make those. So, you can get back to enjoying your healthy smile, comfortably chewing, and confident laughing and speech in no time – Call (858) 358-5801 to schedule your appointment at our office.