Composite Fillings with Dr. Dhir

Dr. Sanjay Dhir

Smile Bright with Composite Fillings!

The perfect solution for a flawless smile. Discover how Dr. Dhir can restore your teeth to their natural beauty.

Composite fillings are ideal for individuals of all ages seeking tooth restoration

Whether you have a cavity or chipped tooth or want to replace old amalgam fillings, composite fillings are a great option.

Say goodbye to noticeable fillings! Composite fillings match the natural color of your teeth, providing a seamless and aesthetically pleasing result. They are also durable, mercury-free, and require less tooth preparation than other alternatives.

Brush and floss regularly, avoid chewing on hard objects, and visit Dr. Dhir for regular check-ups. With good oral hygiene, your composite fillings can last for many years.

Maintain your beautiful smile with proper care.

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