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Aug 18
When cavities form, patients must proactively address the decay as soon as possible to avoid further damage or infection to the smile. At Dhir Dentistry in San Diego, California, Dr. Sanjay Dhir and his team will encourage patients to consider the benefits of placing composite…
Feb 06
Many people develop cavities at some point in their lives. Years ago, the standard solution for filling cavities was to use metal fillings. However, today, composite resin fillings blend in and look just like your natural tooth. These fillings are more appealing and last longer…
Jun 07
Despite advances in preventative dentistry, cavities are still a common occurrence today. Fortunately, cavities can be treated quickly and effectively with dental fillings. At Dhir Dentistry in San Diego, California, we take a modern approach to treating cavities in the form of composite fillings. Composite fillings…
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